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Probably for the best that this place is so empty these days...

...given that I'm going to write about the just-completed Pakistan series from an English perspective! Not at very great length, however, as it's almost unbearably depressing.

It used to be that England had plenty of strength in depth in the batting department, but precious little when it came to the bowlers. Now, it seems to be the other way round. With the possible exception of South Africa's, I think our bowling attack can go toe-to-toe with any Test bowling line-up in the world. It says something that we can lose players of the calibre of Bresnan and Tremlett and not look weak.

The batsmen, of course, get no such favours. Between them, numbers four to six averaged under 12, the worst overall performance by an England Test middle order ever in a series of three matches or more. Pietersen hit the odd emphatic shot and then got out; all right, that's what he usually does. Bell looked a shadow of a shadow [sic] of the man he was against India last summer. And Morgan is not good enough, full stop.

Strauss, Cook and Trott didn't do very well either, but at least they looked as though they knew which end of the bat to hold, and Cook even managed to get close to a century. Prior played fairly well, which puts him head and shoulders above most of his compatriots. I continue to believe that he should be batting at six, with Broad told to apply himself a little harder to becoming a genuine all-rounder.

So, changes for Sri Lanka? There ought to be -- you can't play this badly for three successive matches and expect no consequences -- but will there be? After all, the only reserve batsman on tour is Bopara, who doesn't convince me either, and England have usually been reluctant to blood youngsters in circumstances like these. It comes back, as I said, to a lack of strength in batting depth.

Mind you, James Anderson's belief in his own batting ability seems well-founded. After all, he scored more Test runs, at a higher average, than the man (Bell) who batted at five...
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It's the world cup, guys! This community's wayyy too quiet for that. Let's try and jolt some life back into it yeah? How do you think it's going so far? Any favorites?

I'm just stoked I finally got to go to a world cup over at my journal. :) 


go away or I shall taunt you a 2nd time

Beware of the parochial South Australian...

(Originally posted in my LJ but thought I might stick it here, too.)

Okay, so I've held off since the last Aus/WI Test to properly develop my thoughts, but nope, not changing. Still makes me grit my teeth, narrow my eyes and start a fire in my stomach.

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Tradition is a big thing in cricket, you must understand, and possibly even more so at Adelaide Oval than the rest of the country. Commentators, players, officials, ALL of them comment on how gorgeous the Adelaide Oval is. Everyone ranks it as the most picturesque cricket ground in the world, with only Newlands in South Africa, which I'll admit has a pretty stunning aspect with Table Mountain behind it, being mentioned in the same breath. I promise you it's not only home bias saying this, Adelaide Oval is beautiful. Les Burdett, the curator, is well-known enough in this city that he's been on a beer ad. We are so bloody proud of our oval. People rarely ever have nice things to say about Adelaide (because, let's face it, we have bugger-all and the eastern states hate us), but the Oval? That's one thing we have got. Where the rest of the country has faceless, generic stands around boring stadium grounds, Adelaide Oval has beauty and character.

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This new development is shit. It's going to destroy everything I love about my Oval. The only reason commentators and players are going to talk about it now is to lament it. I could handle it if it was just the members stands that were changing. Just. But none of it is going to be left. The Bradman Stand's going, and it's only about 15 years old. Members stands already gone. All but the tiniest corner of the Hill, where the scoreboard is, will remain. You won't be able to see the Moreton Bay figs behind it, or the cathedral, or little kiddies playing cricket on the Family Hill section with mum and dad on a picnic blanket. I'm so glad I've taken my camera to pretty much every match for the last four years or so, because all that is as good as gone.

... Winamp as scarily fitting as ever.
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